Soul Touch Sessions

Soul Touch Sessions


70-90 minutes

Are you ready to get down to the real problem and heal what's ailing you? Then you're ready for a Soul Touch Session. 

In these sessions, Ty Shaw will use any number of combination of techniques to dig deep, release attachments to trauma and/or negative memories, soul loss, etc. Soul Touch Sessions go beyond spiritual counseling and into spiritual/vibrational/energetic healing to create long lasting change. 

Soul Touch sessions combine coaching, hypnosis, breath-work, guided meditation, energy clearing, chakra/aura balancing, cord cutting, soul retrieval, astrology and more to clarify our desires and free ourselves from negative and unproductive patterns. This is where true healing begins to happen!

Soul Touch Sessions can be done in-person for individuals local to the Atlanta, GA area or via zoom for distance sessions. In- person sessions can also include shamanic journeying and sound healing.

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Disclaimer: This does not constitute typical psychological or psychotherapeutic therapy, nor is Ty Shaw a licensed therapist. Clients will be required to sign a disclaimer stating that they are clear on these terms.