Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine


Energy healing sessions include 60 minutes of Prana, Seichem and/or Reiki and a total of 30 minutes (pre or post session) for conversation, consultation and reflection. If additional time for discussion is requested, there will be an additional charge per 15 minutes depending on the time available. Please be aware that additional time is not always guaranteed, as additional appointments may be scheduled after your session.

Energy Healing Sessions include Chakra clearing and Aura Balancing.

Clients are welcomed to schedule in-person treatments in the Atlanta, GA area. I also offers distance treatments and skype/video conference. Occasionally, energy healing sessions will be available on-site for businesses.

Distance Energy Healing: Distance healings can be sent to a specified time, place, and/or person. The date and time will be determined in advance. For distance appointments, clients are required to send a photo in advance for their session.

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