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Black Witch Convention

Bringing Down Heaven: The Black Mother, Sexuality and Spirituality & African Tradition

Within the sexuality and spirituality communities the audience and aesthetic are overwhelmingly white and exclusionary. Within African and African-inspired religious traditions there is a level of conservatism that stems from colonialism, patriarchy and white misanthropic (nee supremacist) racist ideology that prevents us from reclaiming and actualizing a framework for sacred sexuality. With this workshop I intend to address those challenges and provide a praxis for owning our bodies, understanding African concepts of sex and sexuality, and liberating sexual ourselves from the oppression of the patriarchal gaze as we return to the primordial Black Mother.  

In my presentation we will learn how to employ several tools to engage a practical methodology for activating our mastery and connecting to the black mother including:

  • A discussion on the primordial black mother

  • Sacred sexuality from the African perspective

  • Sexuality in African and African inspired spiritual traditions

  • Cultivating healthy sexual energy

  • Healing through sacred sex

  • Practical steps for engaging a ritualized sexual practice

At the end of this workshop, participants will know where and what are African concepts of sex magic and sexuality, how women’s sexuality is treated in African rooted traditions, and how they can both cultivate and utilize their sexual energy for personal development and spiritual enlightenment. Through engaging the tips and techniques presented, participants will be empowered to step into their sacred sexual power and experience authentic pleasure.

© Ty Shaw 2018.

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