Kink & Fetish Education

What is Kink?

In human sexuality, kinkiness is the use of unconventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies. The term derives from the idea of a "bend" in one's sexual behaviour, to contrast such behaviour with "straight" or "vanilla" sexual mores and proclivities.

What is Fetish?

A form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.

As an experienced Lifestyle Dominant, Sex Doula, Sex Educator and Bodyworker, I offer sessions in which you can explore your Kinks and Fetishes in a safe, confidential and FUN way. Numerous roles are explored during sessions (submissive, Dominant and Switch roles), while your desires are cultivated. Delving deeper into your pleasure, sensuality and sexual fulfillment are my main goals.

Sacred Kink Fetish Sessions

Explore your deeper desires and experience extreme pleasure by immersing yourself in an experience that will uncover deeper sensuality. We open the path to diverse tastes of pleasure and arouse your shadow side to come out and play. Together, we will use a heady blend of power/surrender dynamics and sensation play to evoke, tease and explore.

In a safe, sacred space, you will be able to consciously connect to your deepest self and integrate the light and the dark within you, helping you intimately connect with your passionate inner sexual being.

Incorporating the tantric practice of sensual breath work, mindfulness and ritual into our sacred kink play generates a profound sensuality and resonance, while supporting a safe, sane consensual space, even in the most intense play.

To uncover satisfaction, we employ a number of erotic methods combined with heart-pounding Sacred kink and tantric techniques, dominating you with empowering sexual energy, gracing every inch of your being with a more daring new brand of sensuality. Classic Tantric techniques will also be offered.

These sessions are for fetishists who are interested in milder, pleasure-oriented sessions. These sessions give you the opportunity to explore a kink and/or fetish, try D/s play, gain 1 to 1 training on BDSM and Kink, and experience different fetishes in a safe, pleasure-oriented container.

Serve the Goddess

I am a Lifestyle Dominant who also provides non-sexual, legal, Professional Dominant experiences. I am a Female Supremacist who firmly believes in the superiority of the Feminine. Using Kink, fetish and Tantric BDSM as My tools, I guide you in the space of sacred Goddess worship. I sense where you need to move deeper into your truth. My intention is to train you to serve Me in excellence, become free, correcting the blockages and imbalances within. Devotion to the feminine, higher vibration sexuality and the journey towards self-actualization converge to create My framework of service.

In this space, I meld My background in BDSM, tantra, sacred sexuality, goddess worship, kink, fetishism, energy healing, somatic sex education, hypnosis and spiritual technologies into My personal methodology. As you surrender to Me you fall into alignment with your purpose. Your sense of knowing and authenticity clears as your energy is rebuilt and strengthened through servitude.

Do not be fooled by My petite stature and flirty, fun-loving demeanor. I can be a wrathful, sadistic Goddess whose compassion and empathy are balanced by great strength and a demanding ruthlessness that will help shape you to understand My power and to serve Me with pride. Behavioral modification and punishment are just as delightful to Me as seducing you into worship is.

Things you should know:

  • I am only interested in true submissives and slaves. If you are a switch, you will only interact with Me in the role of a submissive. I do not bottom or sub- PERIOD. As My inferior, present yourself accordingly.

  • I am extremely picky and only choose to engage those who are truly a fit for My desires. I do not care how much money you offer, if I do not deem you fit to serve Me, you will not serve. PERIOD.

  • I demand to be pampered, catered to and worshiped. None of these things are optional; THESE ARE THE BASIC REQUIREMENTS IF YOU WISH TO SERVE ME.

  • Do not come to Me empty handed. One always approaches a deity with an offering...I am particularly fond of flowers.

  • You must be sincere, honest, respectful and reliable.

  • I adore compliments.


What I adore:

  • Female Supremacy, Goddess worship, Sensual Domination

  • Estim, Electroplay

  • Shibari / Kinbaku, Predicament Bondage, Suspension

  • Training Sissies to be the girls they've always wanted to be

  • Pegging

  • Behavioral modification, strict punishment, protocol

  • Impact Play (spanking, caning, flogging, etc)

  • Gifts - especially fine cigars and other lovely accoutrements

  • Tantric BDSM, Energy play, Erotic hypnosis

  • Foot worship and bootlacking

  • Chastity (lock and key); CBT (pins, clamps, slapping)

  • Masks, blindfolds and gags

  • Heavy verbal humiliation, degradation and financial domination

  • Smoking and using your mouth as My ashtray

  • Medical play (currently looking to explore more sounding and enemas)

  • Face-sitting, ass worship, smothering

  • Forced orgasm, edging, orgasm denial

  • Sensation Play: Temperature play, Saran Wrap etc.

Hard NOs

  • Scat / human toilet

  • Blood play, needle play

  • Anything that will seriously put your health or life at risk.

Rules to contact Me

  • Gifts. Do not come empty handed.

  • Address Me as Goddess Luna or Black Supreme Goddess.

  • Remember to thank Me for each gift.

  • Tell me about yourself. I am a real person, and interested in knowing My servants.

Rules to Serve Me

In order to serve Me as on a lifestyle basis you must possess some talent, resource or skill that will be beneficial to Me. You must also have the financial means to serve. Should you contact Me, be prepared to communicate exactly what you can offer. Long term slaves will be required to sign a contractual agreement.

Dominatrix Training / Mentorship

Are you a woman who is newly discovering Her Dominance? I offer custom mentorship for professional and aspiring professional dominants.  Arrange a session in order to train with me.