Through the guidance of the Great Mothers, ancestors, respect for and communion with nature, compounded with a spirit-centered approach to holistic wellness, Ty Shaw's passion is holding space for self discovery, empowerment & spiritual evolution. 

My work in Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork is born out of my own spirituality and has been a direct result of this deep soul searching and scholarly study. 

I have found that this work gets us back to the source of who we are as spiritual beings having a human experience. Our bodies hold wisdom and truth. They are living records of our experiences, memories, and traumas. These traumas can be released through intentional bodywork. Through studying Tantra and personally experiencing divine energy, I have witnessed trauma in my own body heal and transform.

As an Afrolatina, my passion lies in healing from sexual shame, sexual trauma, religious abuse, and mistaken beliefs about ourselves because of how we were/are treated due to our particular divinity that is our sexuality. I seek to assist in the healing of re-marrying our sexuality and spirituality that were divorced by our societies, systems, religions, and biological families.

It is time to heal from the inside out! I invite you to join me in a more fully embodied experience!   


Ty Shaw is here to:

  • Support women, men and couples in regaining their intimacy, increasing their erotic knowledge and reconnecting to one another
  • Assist individuals in discovering the transformative power of tantra so they may lead more embodied, mindful lives
  • Help to identify and release the traumas and blockages of the past and anything else holding you back
  • Identify, correct and settle ancestral debts and issues
  • Remember and revere the Divine Feminine, and by extension, all of HER daughters
  • Guide you in bringing the sacred back to everyday life
  • Center the primordial black goddess / Divine Feminine in your devotion
  • Developing your relationship with the ancestors and divinities
  • Honor nature in all Her glory
  • Honor the importance of ritual

Her work is to help elevate, transform and liberate consciousness. With this website, her aim is to bring together all of her medicines (energy work, sexuality, spirit work and healing) to share with you.


Education and Training 

  • Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology 
    • Endorsed by the Somatic Sex Educators Association
  • BS- Africana Studies and Visual Arts (Dual Concentration)
    • SUNY Empire State College, Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Certified Community Centered Herbalist
    • Indigenous Remedies Community Centered Herbalist Certification Course Completed
    • Herbal Academy: Entrepreneur Herbalist Course Completed
    • Herbal Academy: Intermediate Course Completed
    • Herbal Academy: Advanced Herbalist Course Completed
  • Certified Life Coach
    • Certified Life Coach- Transformation Coach Academy
    • Certified Life Coach- Empowerment Coach Academy
    • NLP Certified Master Practitioner
    • NLP Certified Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Certified Meditation Guide
    • Natural Healer: Certified by Melissa Crowhurst
  • Reiki / Seichem Master
    • Received Levels 1-3 attunements
    • Received Seichem attunement
    • Attunements administered by Dr. Rebecca Meek-Horton
    • Attuned for a second time through Natural Healer
      • Attuned by Melissa Crowhurst
  • Certified Full Spectrum Doula
    • Madriella Certified Birth Doula
    • IPPA Certified Postpartum Doula
    • QUILT Certified Loss and Bereavement Doula
  • Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist 
    • IPPA Certified
  • Astrologer (Tropical, Sidereal, 13-Sign)
    • Studied with Deborah Singletary of Vision Carriers
    • Studied with M. Kelley Hunter of Depth Astrology


Ty Shaw is a respected teacher, healer and energy worker with a keen focus on the intersection of Spirituality and Sexuality. As an Esoteric Sexologist, Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Intimacy Coach, Tantrika, Priestess and Spiritual Counselor she is known internationally for her unique approach to using sexual energy for healing and self-actualization.

Ty Shaw has studied and apprenticed in the fields of African & African-derived spiritual traditions. Those traditions include but are not limited to Lukumi Orisa Tradition, Palo Mayombe, Haitian Vodou and Ifa. She has also studied Tantra (initiated in the Sri Vidya lineage), Herbalism (Western and Tropical), Astrology, and Energy Healing (Tantric Bodywork, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Seichem Master).

In her over 10-year journey of engaging this work, she has established a reputation for healing trauma through the medicines she employs. Her expertise in connecting the spirit to the body, healing past and present traumas, and centering both ancestral worship and the Divine Feminine at every turn has gained her clients and partnerships globally. Ty Shaw offers the work through a variety of speaking engagements, intensives, workshops, retreats and private sessions.

On any given weekend you can find her teaching, reading tarot, practicing yoga, drinking really good wine (or a fine single-malt) over a cigar (Presnados preferred) or twerking to Cardi B. Connect with Ty to learn more about Esoteric Sexology and DREAM Alchemy Transformational Coaching.

Spiritual Background

  • Initiated Tantrika- Sri Vidya Lineage
    • Currently studying with Guru Amma of Devipuram Ashram
    • Received Diksha and Kalavahana
  • Grand Trine Tantra
    • Levels 1 & 2 completed
    • Certified Energy Healer
  • Ipsalu Tantric Kriya Yoga
    • Practicum completed and Cobra Breath received 
  • Shakti Pati Tantric Guru Yoga 
    • Certified Yoni Breathing Instructor
    • Trained by Tafari Khumbaka and Katrina Ifill of Orgasmik Intelligence
  • Advanced Pranic Healer
    • Basic Pranic Healing course completed
    • Advanced Pranic Healing course completed
    • Pranic Psychotherapy course completed
  • Certified Crystal Healer
    • Natural Healer: Certified by Melissa Crowhurst
  • Iyalorisa in the Lukumi Orisa Tradition 
    • Crowned Yemoja Ibu Asaba by Robert Mercado; Eshu Lade (Babatobi) and Antonio Sanchez; Odetobi (Ojigbona).
    • Pirana (pimienta/atare) Lineage
  • Yayi Nkisi Malongo/Yaya Nganga in the Palo Mayombe Tradition
    • Tatandi Brazo Fuerte Fortuna Mundo
    • Rama: Brama con Brama Mayombe Monte Oscuro
  • Iyanifa in Ifa Tradition 
    • Initiated by Iyanifa Owefunlekamo Omiadeofun Fakayode
    • Babalawo Abiola Akanji of Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa
  • Mambo Su Pwen in Haitian Vodou Tradition
    • Sosyete La Deese De La Mer, Ouest, Leogane, Haiti
    • Initiated by Mambo Kerline / La Deese De La Mer
  • Yaya Nganga in the Bakinda Ebundu Malongo Society 
    • Initiated by Baba Nganga Nkaka Ia Kala