Spirit Work & Shamanism


Shamanic Journeys 

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a spiritual practice. We find Shamanism all over the world, with different methods, rituals and beliefs. Shamanism is the experience and knowledge of our ancestors, who used the healing power of nature, the elements, the power of plants, animals and stones, to learn and help us for our highest wellbeing.

Shamanism is the practical knowledge that sickness always comes from a disharmony between humans, nature and the Universe.

What is a Shaman?

A Shaman works with all levels of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves. The shaman believes all these levels are connected and work together.

To bring disharmony back to harmony, a shaman uses spiritual rituals, which helps her to reach an altered state of consciousness, so she can interact with the “Spirit World”.

So why should you do a Shamanic Journey?

If you want to make contact with your spirit guides, spirit animals, power animals, angles, ancestors, elders, or departed shamans, and if you want to find out more about yourself, or finding answers to questions, than a shamanic journey is one of many powerful tools that are very helpful.

A shamanic journey is slightly similar to a meditation, but done in a different way.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

In many cultures, worldwide, we find the belief that sickness and suffering happens because important fragments of our soul have gone missing. This is called “Soul Loss”. It is believed that a Soul Loss often happens because of a shock or trauma, which we experienced in the past, especially in childhood. Soul Retrieval, also called Soul Hunting, is a shamanic method to find and bring back parts of the soul that were lost. 

Spiritual Cleansings and Consultations

Ty Shaw offers tailor made spiritual cleanings and baths, space clearings, home cleansings, new home blessings, business cleansing and other works to assist you in restoring peace, harmony and progress in all aspects of your life. Contact for additional info. 

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