Sex & Intimacy Coaching


I am honored to offer private Sex & Intimacy Coaching sessions for single individuals and people in all types of relationships. My coaching sessions differ from talk-based therapy, as I use primarily somatic (body-based) practices. Our sessions could include breathwork, yoga, energy work, massage, and/or educational training. I find this approach to be particularly useful when dealing with issues of the body, sexuality, and intimacy, because the body can often move through spaces where the mind is stuck. Sessions can take place in person, by phone or video call (bodywork is in-person only).

Sex & Intimacy Coaching is the process of drawing out your truth to refine your relationship with your sexuality and expand your potential for pleasure, passion and authenticity. The form of these sessions are customized based on your history, challenges, intentions and desires. Our work is guided by your goals for sexual healing, erotic and emotional skill building, and relationship transformation.

The best sex happens when your heart, your spirit, and your body are all on board, and a little support can make all the difference. I'll ask you questions to make it easier to figure out what you want. I'll make suggestions for things to try, information to read, and ways to talk with your partner. We'll explore somatic practices that will help you tune into your desires and connect more deeply with your lover.

Some Areas of Exploration:

  • Increasing our awareness and education by exploring and playing with fantasies, kinks and fetishes

  • Healing trauma/Freeing yourself from shame

  • Learning to clearly define your "yes's" and your "no's", and to communicate them

  • How to talk with your partner about what you really want

  • Keeping sex hot in long-term relationships

  • Pleasure mapping, genital mapping and tantric work

  • Many sexual practices and techniques for enhancing pleasure

  • Overcome sexual concerns, such as low libido, ED, PE, etc.

Intimacy Coaching is ideal if you and your partner(s) would like:

  • to deepen your sexual connection. Relatonships that make time for regular physical intimacy are far better off than those that do not. Relationships where sex is fun and exploratory, and meets both partners' needs for connection and consent rest upon a strong foundation.

  • to have better communication about sex, fantasy, desire and boundaries. Talking about what you want or don't want is a skill that can be learned over time. Developing honest, simple ways to communicate during intimacy really can make the world of difference. It allows each person to receive touch the way that they want it to be, rather than how another thinks it should be; creating intimacy that feels confident, clear and full of choice.

  • to have better sex, or to start having sex again. Often partners don't want to 'rock the boat' in terms of the sex they are having, and sex can get boring, repetitious or infrequent. Coaching helps you communicate about sex, so that you can start having it how and when you want!

  • to learn how your partner is erotically wired, and how to 'feed' them! It starts with knowing your partner's 'pleasure map' and how you partner is wired to feel the most pleasure. Learn conscious touch skills that will bring greater intimacy and connection for deeper passion and more frequent and more fulfilling sex!

  • to try a new fantasy, desire or skill. As we grow our desires change. Oftentimes we want to try new fantasies and we don't know how to express them to our partner(s) without guilt and shame. Sometimes we just want to learn how to perform better. Learn the skills and experiment in a safe container for mind-blowing pleasure!

Couple's Intimacy Coaching Sessions are an ideal container to explore new techniques, break old habits, and reinvigorate your sex life. All with non-judgmental hands-on support, in real time. Exploring sexuality together as a couple can deepen connection, and expand pleasure as well as help with sexual concerns that couples are having. Intimacy Coaching can allow you to heal or shift sexual challenges, address stored shame or trauma, break old habits, try new techniques, increase the intimacy you share, and reinvigorate your couple's sex life. If you have stopped having sex, or have a low-sex marriage, or sex needs to be better, seeing an Intimacy Coach will help.

Sessions with me

My Sex and Intimacy Coaching uses breath, movement, sound, touch, and intention to help you expand your capacity for embodied pleasure. I offer several different modalities, including pleasure mapping, erotic massage, pelvic release bodywork, anal massage for both relaxation and pleasure, masturbation coaching, and scar tissue remediation.

Pleasure mapping is a dynamic process of exploring what different kinds of stimulation feel like to you. It’s an important way of gathering information about your unique pleasure profile. It also gives you specific language about your sensations so you are better able to tell a partner what you like. Pleasure mapping can be especially useful for anyone whose sexuality has changed, whether from a medical condition, pregnancy and childbirth, aging, or physical injury. If a lover has ever asked you what you like and you didn’t know how to answer, pleasure mapping can be a great way to change that. Your sexual pleasures will change over time, and pleasure mapping is a wonderful exploration of what works for you now.

Erotic bodywork sessions give you the opportunity to learn how to use embodiment practices like breathwork and movement to increase your ability to experience pleasure while staying fully present in the moment. Using a variety of different techniques, you’ll gain new skills at riding waves of erotic energy. Once you’ve integrated those techniques into your repertoire, you can use them during any sexual interaction to heighten sensation and create more fulfilling experiences, whether on your own or with a partner.

Pelvic release bodywork can help you let go of muscular tension in a part of the body that is rarely touched outside of erotic contexts. You might be surprised to discover how much you’re holding and how relieving it feels to let it drop. Pelvic release bodywork can also bring more movement into your body during sex and give you more room for pleasure.

Anal massage has the potential to create a state of deep relaxation because the anus contains nerves from the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for your resting state. Working with this part of the body to calm your nervous system can teach you new ways to sink into relaxation and deepen your embodiment. It’s an amazing experience in this rapidly moving world, especially for those who are chronically stressed.

Masturbation coaching offers you the opportunity to connect more deeply with your body. Most people learn to masturbate quickly and quietly, which creates habits that limit enjoyment. And many people continue to stick with the techniques they’ve used for years. Masturbation coaching helps you discover how the joys of solo sex can enhance your entire sex life.

Scar tissue remediation uses specific massage techniques to soften scar tissue and encourage fuller healing. Scars on your chest, abdomen, and pelvis can inhibit free movement of your body and your breath, and limit your pleasure. Scar tissue work can help lessen the effects of scars and improve your sexual capacity.

In all of my sessions, the focus is on your experience and how it can help you discover new freedom in your body, expand your pleasure, and release old patterns that no longer serve you. Touch is one-way, from practitioner to client, and I will always remain fully clothed.

*Intimacy Coaching is only for people over 18 years of age. Some trainings and workshops are designed specifically for youth and families, in which people under 18 may attend with permission from or in the company of a parent or guardian.