Esoteric Sexology

Supporting You In Awakening Your Sacred Sexual Sensual Self & Living Fully Embodied.

Esoteric Sexology is my approach to sexual healing and liberation. It combines sexological bodywork, somatic sex education and the sacred in a way that centers the spirit and soul. I fuse metaphysical concepts, techniques, tools and exercises into my approach to healthy sexuality and embodiment.

As a Sexological Bodyworker and Sex Educator, I incorporate sacred sex ideology, tantra, taoism and somatic therapies into my practice.  My approach to sexology is keen on the intersection of sexuality and spirituality, focusing on how sexuality can be used as a vehicle for empowerment, self-actualization, spiritual growth and bliss. I created Esoteric Sexology because I wanted to distinguish this style from those who take a purely scholastic/academic approach, as well as those who take a clinical approach to the field. 


Embodied living opens us to being present with ourselves – in our bodies, with all our senses alight and feeling whole. When we feel connected with ourselves we are better able to recognize our inner needs and desires.

An embodied state of being means feeling comfortable, present and at home in your body. When we bring awareness to our body's sensations, energy levels, moods and state of being, we are embodied. It is about being present with and embracing the physical form in all it's perfect imperfections, it's beauty and complexities. Reclaiming our right to pleasure begins with this foundation.

The journey of erotic embodiment and sexual wellness begins with curiosity, courage and presence. This process begins with slowing down...way down, with becoming present, opening up and listening to the unique language of your body. Wisdom resides in the body and each one speaks differently. When we slow down and sit in the center of the Self, our voice, truth and wisdom become clearer. When we are able to feel into our breath, movement and sound, our senses awaken, we become grounded and feel connected to our whole being. It is from this place that sensual unfurling and discovery begins.

To access the wisdom of the body is one of the greatest acts of self-love and bears the gift of profound personal empowerment. It is my great honor to accompany you on this journey of reconnecting with your source and to facilitate safe and supportive sessions for your discovery and pleasure.

Clients I work with prosper with a variety of health benefits such as: greater self awareness, confidence, personal power, increased happiness, self reliance, sexual confidence, self discovery and resiliency, fortitude, receptiveness and presence.

I teach through full body experiences designed to nurture, deepen and awaken the sensual self. Reclaiming our right to pleasure begins with this foundational empowerment.