Guided Tantric Meditation

Guided Tantric Meditation


In modern life there are few opportunities for stillness, so it is more important than ever to take time out of busy lives and be present to what we are experiencing through the body. Embodied Tantric Meditation helps us slow the body’s processes down, shifting the nervous system into parasympathetic functioning, which is necessary to relax, revitalize and allow the body’s healing processes time to function.

Embodied Tantric Meditation combines yoni breathing or lingham building (created by Tafari Khumbaka and Katrina Ifill) to completely transform our erotic awareness. In Embodied Tantric Meditation teaches us to live through the awareness of the body. In living through the body we are grounded in reality and open to both the natural limitations and boundless potential of the present moment.
All we have is right now. Everything else is memories of the past or dreams of the future.

Coaching in Embodied Tantric Meditation is available for individuals, people in relationships, and groups who wish to practice together. As well as face-to-face classes, embodied meditation classes are effective via Skype.

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