Tantra Healing Sessions

The act of sex is a vital creative force to be cultivated, harnessed and expressed/directed, yet many have not had the space to really delve deeper into it. We are trained to run from it, hide it, and diminish it. We are taught that our desires are evil, wrong or worse yet- under someone else’s control. There is no satisfaction in those options. Through the study, application and integration of tantra, we can tap into the limitless source of abundance that is our sexuality- leading us to better health, improved relationships, inner peace and joy. Tantra teaches us that any mindful activity, if we dive deep enough, will lead us to our ultimate free. Our sexualities are key compasses on that journey. 

My Tantra Healing Sessions combine Tantra Healing Massage and Tantric Energy Projection, also known as active shamanistic tantra.

Tantric Energy Projection (or Shamanistic Tantra) is deeply present bodywork that follows the body’s direction to facilitate natural healing processes. Practitioner and client focus deeply on what is being experienced through the body. The emotionally, sensually, and energetically meaningful touch of an embodied therapist facilitates physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Combining conscious touch with tantric energy projection work, tantric energy work facilitates erotic reawakening. Using sexual energy (universal life energy) to remove obstructions to one’s natural flow of energy through the channels of the body, this style of sexual shamanistic energy work helps in the removal of these obstructions, which are essential in order for a person to be able to return to their true essential energy as an embodied experience.

In the tantric tradition, the human body is regarded as a temple, worthy of worship, sacred admiration, and… intense pleasure beyond imagination…. In the sexual teachings of Tantra, intimate massage has developed into one of the most profound healing modalities available on the planet today. This massage is a fusion of techniques aimed at created deep relaxation and release of trauma. It facilitates realignment of the spirit and body while creating pleasure. Hot Stones and/or Lava Shells can be added to this service.

In modern society we rarely go through life without shame, some form of trauma and loss of our energy. This style of bodywork takes us through a journey of inner transformation. In this hands-on, energy based style of bodywork, we use sexual energy (universal life energy) to remove blockages to one’s natural flow through the energy centers in the physical body. This enables us to reconnect with our innate power, and creativity.

About Tantra

What is Tantra? 


To expand consciousness is to liberate us from the confines and limitations of our physical being. In living in tantric awareness, we use the five senses to their limit then break beyond that limit. Tantra teaches you to explore every aspect of your consciousness; tantra is a Yogic Science that’s employed to ensure it. Tantra isn't only about sex, as most westerners believe. There are many other aspects to Tantra; yet, it does offer the most comprehensive teachings and practices on how to cultivate and utilize our sexual energy beyond procreation and sense gratification. Tantra gives us the tools to use our sexuality in order to develop spiritually.

Yoga is the science of expanding consciousness. Tantra Yoga is the sexual path, a vast and ancient system of rituals and practical techniques which use the great creative energy of sexuality to propel you into higher states of consciousness. Many modern yoga schools improperly teach that we should sublimate our senses in striving for transcendent truth. They frown on sexuality arguing that it distracts seekers from the goal of samadhi or enlightenment. But this is only because they don't understand sexual energy and how to use it for their aim. The reality is that spiritual and sexual energy are two sides of the same coin - the upward flowing spiritual energy "becomes" sexual when it turns down. This is inner alchemy. 

Tantra is a practice in which sexual energy is generated and harnessed for purification of the energetic body. By fusing feminine and masculine polarities, either within one’s own body or by merging souls with a beloved partner of opposite energies (such as masculine and feminine), a pathway can be created through which energetic communion with the Source could occur. 

A brief history of Tantra


In antiquity, Tantra was once a worldwide spiritual practice, a common thread to be found in all civilizations. The most popular practices in modern times trace their origins with Hindus in India, Taoists in China and Tibetan Buddhism. Egyptian tantra, although more obscure, is included in that list. Tantra teachings were closely guarded, transmitted orally from master to disciple, generally after extended periods of preparation, spiritual development and purification. Deeper secrets were guarded as protection from misuse, but also to give royalty and priesthood a tremendous advantage over the masses. 

The 11th and 12th centuries were the Golden Age of Tantra when it was practiced widely and openly. Muslim invasion in India during the 13th century brought the slaughter of all Tantrics and wholesale destruction of their manuscripts. Tantrics were forced underground where it has remained until this day. Tantrics in Tibet were able to preserve this wisdom in remote monasteries but the Communist invasion repeated the slaughter and attempt to eradicate Tantric practice. 

Practicing tantra is a revolutionary act: my practice

Tantra, in my practice is a mindful weaving and integrating of the senses, the spirit and the somatic. My work is centered around Total Liberation and tantra provides an integrative path to samadhi. Drawing from various lineage of tantra, I consider my approach a merging of tantric techniques. 

In my journey, what I have discovered is that tantra is the methodology of actively, mindfully, loving and being present. 

Tantric Healing Sessions are available to assist in:


  • removing sexual trauma from the body

  • clearing sexual conditionings, including feelings of shame, guilt, old belief systems, etc.

  • re-sensitizing the body, including heart area and genitals

  • erectile dysfunction (for men) and vaginal numbness (for women)

  • premature ejaculation (for men) and frigidity (for women)

  • opening the energy in the body for more intense, full body orgasms

  • becoming a multi-orgasmic person


  • releasing conditionings and old belief systems from the body

  • opening the heart center

  • opening, clearing and rebalancing the chakras to create more access to the higher energy centers

  • enhancing intuition

  • opening the way for abundance and creativity


  • releasing fears, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness

  • elevating the frequency of the man's or woman's energy

  • releasing unprocessed feelings (anger, rage, unworthiness, guilt, etc.) which affect present interactions

The beneficial aspects of Tantra Healing Sessions are many. Its significance today as an instrument of healing is far-reaching and, in fact, mind-blowing. Not only is it famed for its ability to remove sexual and energetic blockages from the body, but it can also eradicate common dysfunctions, an inability to achieve deep states of orgasm (especially in the case of women), and other psychosomatic issues. This is a beautiful way to share the very beneficial aspects of touch and energy exchange, and to bring restorative, sacred healing to yourself.