Ty Shaw

Ty Shaw

The Dream Alchemist™ 

Esoteric Sexologist, Sex & Intimacy Coach, Somatic Sex Educator


Sex & Intimacy Coaching 

Consciousness, Safety, Presence.

Consciousness refers to the awareness that we are sacred vessels here to serve the creative force that flows through us and as us.It is honoring your Existence as an expression of the Divine, and the Embodiment of your Sacred Temple as a Blessed Sanctuary to Inhabit, Nourish, and Celebrate.

Pleasure, intimacy and wholeness flows naturally in a sacred space of safety, and when experienced by both the conscious and sub-conscious, the body and being can surrender into its natural state of inner peace, bliss, and discovery. 

Presence within the facilitator, and Presence within the client in receiving and being with their own sensations & feelings, invites a tuning in to how their life force energy wants to be facilitated, restoring an organic flow, vitality and well being.

By weaving consciousness, safety, presence and spirituality, my coaching sessions differ from talk-based therapy, as I use primarily somatic (body-based) practices. Learn more to deepen your experience of pleasure. 


I am honored to offer private Sex & Intimacy Coaching sessions for singles and couples who are looking to heal, grow and expand their sexual capacities. The form of these sessions are customized based on your history, challenges, intentions and desires. Our work is guided by your goals for sexual healing, erotic and emotional skill building, and relationship transformation.

Bring Back the Connection, Passion and Intimacy!


Tantric Bodywork

Tantric Bodywork can be a powerful tool in reawakening the sacred sexual self. Click below to learn more about my Tantra Massage, Soul Touch Massage and Tantric Regenerative Energy Work. 

Take charge of your pleasure! 


DREAM Alchemy™ Coaching

Fusing ritual, ancient philosophies and indigenous psychologies with modern, goal-oriented techniques. Through my 90-day ‘breakFREE’ program and/or private coaching, I will help you to transform your habits, get clear on your purpose and get unstuck!


Pathways to Purpose

Personal Healing intensives


PRIVATE INTENSIVE RETREATS ARE STUNNINGLY LIFE TRANSFORMING, HEALING, INSPIRING AND RESTORATIVE. The private intensive requires a high level of commitment to change habitual patterning. You must be willing to look at your life in a different way and to adopt new views and new techniques. You will be asked to push yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.Click to learn more.